Colorjive Widgets

What Interactive Pictures Can Do For Your Sales

Color is a major feature of your product. Comparing colors is important to your customers. When they visit your website they expect to get inspired, which is why you show great pictures on your website. But what if the pictures were interactive rather than static? What if a visitor could simply click a picture to play with different color options? And then post it on Facebook?
That is what Colorjive widgets can do for you. They will help to increase your conversion rates and therefore increases your sales. A virtual coloring feature can easily become one of the biggest attractions of your website. 

Click the image to change the colors

Empower your Marketing

Colorjive Widgets are a hosted solution used to enhance and deliver dynamic marketing assets to web, mobile, social, email, and print. Businesses are empowered to present a rich, immersive digital experience to each consumer in real-time. A single Colorjive Widget can easily display millions of color combinations. There's no need to maintain a large library of images anymore. 

Colorjive Widgets won't break your budget

Other solutions, such as Adobe Scene 7, Fluid, and Liquid Pixels require special software, complicated configuration menus, and licensing fees costing hundreds of dollars per month. You could hire an IT company and have a widget custom-programmed for you, but it could cost a hundred times more and not perform as well. 

A real life example below, featuring Colorjive Lite alongside Colorjive Widgets.

   Lechler, Italy

Customize your widget

Need something special? For an additional fee, we can customize your widget to fit seamlessly into your web site. You can add a border, modify the shape of the color menu, or change the background. Anything is possible.