Stock Widgets for the Paint Industry

As you know, getting the right colors for a paint job is important to your customers. When they visit your website they expect to get inspired and to compare the options. And they want to see exactly what they're getting - before they decide anything. 

Your website exists to attract, inspire, engage and convert customers. Colorjive Widgets, such as the interactive image above, do a great job to attract and inspire. They can be coupled with Colorjive Lite to further engage and convert. At the end of the day, this all leads to more sales.

Below is an overview of our stock widgets. Each stock widget can be configured to your own brand.


Kitchen CT01

  Kitchen CC01

  Bedroom CC02

Livingroom VG01

  Livingroom MD01

  Livingroom LF01

Bedroom IK01

  Bedroom IK02

  Bedroom VG01

Bedroom CC01

  Kitchen MD02

  Kitchen VG01

 Livingroom CC01

   Livingroom CC02

   Kitchen MD01