Colorjinn is an offshoot of Tricolore, a design consultancy specialized in colour design for architecture, founded in 1989 by a designer, an artist and a colour scientist. The first colour schemes were static in nature. But having developed specialised viewing software, the opportunity arose to involve clients, tenants, and other designers in the process. This proved a huge success, and some 4000 copies of the software were distributed in the Netherlands alone. Close cooperation with our principals gave us a wealth of knowledge. Such that we know what matters for all parties involved in the paint and architecture trades. And what they need.

Te be in a better position to translate the needs of customers into applications, Tricolore split off a new IT company: Colorjinn. Currently Colorjinn consist of a small but very engaged international core team. We're incorporated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We're small and agile. But we hire the best people for the job, wherever they are. Management, marketing and sales are directed from Amsterdam. In extension, we rely on a cloud of highy qualified professionals all over the world.